Call for Panels and Roundtables

  • Deadline: March 15 (for ACHA-only proposals); February 15 (for joint panels).
  • Call for proposals: View the full text here.
  • Presentation policy: All those appearing on the ACHA program must be members of the ACHA, although membership is not required to submit a proposal. In addition, all presenters must be registered for the AHA annual conference.

Two notes from the ACHA web team:

1) This form is for both panel and roundtable submissions. Panels generally consist of 3-4 presenters; roundtables generally consist of 4-5 presenters. In many places, in the interest of brevity, this form uses the term “panel” to refer to both panels and roundtables. (Need to submit a proposal for only a single paper? Click here.)

2) This form is very long! It requires you to have all of the details for all of your participants. Please make sure you have the details before starting this form. If you start this form and need to take a break, you can use the Save and Continue Later function, which is located at the bottom of the form.

Good luck!

Submission form